teaching philosophy back

I strongly believe that each and every student has the potential to achieve musical excellence, and that my role as a teacher of music is to remain committed to facilitating a consistent move toward excellence. I hold each and every student to high standards of performance, and expect that as I give each student my all as a teacher that each student will in turn give their all as a student, devoting themselves to the continued pursuit of musical achievement.

I believe in teaching students excellent musical habits from the start, and as such I require each student to demonstrate his or her musical prowess on each assignment before I will allow them to progress to the next assignment. For a novice student, these expectations might include excellent hand shape, arm and wrist movement, and tonal control. I feel it is very important that students master each concept before moving on to more difficult and involved material because the student's weaknesses will doubtless hinder his or her progress later.

My experience has been that the most successful student's parents are actively involved in their musical education. I thus encourage parents to take an active role in their student's musical education. Parents are welcome and expected to attend at least some of their student's lessons. Most students, especially younger students are not able to practice at home with the level of detail which excellent preparation for lessons requires, so parents are expected to both encourage and assist their students at home. Attending studio events such as recitals, studio classes, and drum circles is also an important element in the development of successful musicians.

I would describe my teaching style as strict but patient and kind. I expect that each of my students put forth their best effort, but I am willing to be patient and supportive when students miss the mark. I encourage and expect excellence from every student.