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Please download and enjoy these books. They are provided free of charge to you. Please do not redistribute them or sell them. You may quote from them, but please credit me, the author (Sam Ecoff). Students enrolling in music technology courses may download and print their texts or may purchase printed copies for a nominal fee. Accompanying quizzes and other educational support materials are also available in pdf format upon request, but are not posted for obvious reasons.

Basic Music Technology I
This is the textbook used for MT101: Basic Music Technology. This book is divided into three units. The first unit covers audio mixers, the second rudimentary effects such as reverb, chorus, and delay, and the third is an introduction to synthesizers. The book includes a complete index and glossary.

Download a zipped archive of this text in PDF format here: Basic Music Technology I (~1.7 MB)


Basic Music Technology II
The second volume deals primarily with recording, and covers the anatomy of reel-to-reel machines, DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), MIDI, and basic record production.

Download a zipped archive of this text in PDF format here: Basic Music Technology II (~1.9 MB)


Fundamentals of Music Technology: Subtractive Synthesis
This text covers subtractive synthesis techniques based on the ARP 2600 synthesizer.
Fundamentals of Music Technology (PDF, about 1.2 MB)

The audio files from the CD that accompany the book are available as a zipped archive of MP3s.
Synthesis Examples CD (~37.3MB)


Effective Piano Practice
This 2-page pamphlet explains one possible approach to systematic practice at the piano.
Effective Practice (~30k)





The following are examples of recent compositions by Sam Ecoff. You must have Quicktime installed to hear these works.

Death for Breakfast

Desperate Measures


Fight to the Finish

Final Days

Gentle Kindness


New World


Tangle with Death

Thought you Knew

Under Suspicion